Tuesday, November 6, 2012

College Media Convention

By now, it's no secret that I really freaking love cities. This weekend I got to go back to Chicago with this wonderful group of people. 

Photo credit: David Wheeler

Being there refreshed my love for all things urban. I had forgotten how much I love the busyness of cities. I love walking instead of driving. I love the streets bustling with people. I love the buzz of creative energy. I love the perpetual newness and sense of possibility.

We were in town for the College Media Association's National College Media Convention. They'd heard about a little redesign we did last year, and asked us to share about our experiences and give tips to other newspapers looking to do a similar thing.

Photo credit: David Wheeler

Speaking at the conference was a thrill, and the weekend reminded me why I'm so blessed to be in Asbury's award-winning journalism department. I can't believe everything that happened last year. I got to work with a brilliant team and establish a new personality for The Collegian. Then I got to go with the very same journalism department to report on the Olympics in London. I'd never have guessed when I took my first journalism class sophomore year that it would lead to all of this and set me on a completely new career path.

I'm simultaneously excited for and terrified of life after college, but as I look ahead to grad school, I'm holding on to moments like this and reminding myself that the Lord is the one who guides my steps.

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