Monday, March 5, 2012

Survivor's Log

An epidemic has taken over Asbury's campus. No, not the swine flu. This is something far, far worse. This something terrible, horrible. I'm not sure how much longer I'll survive.

This is Last Man Standing.

Graphic courtesy of Zach Whelchel

Last Man Standing is a Nerf gun war modeled after the popular game Humans vs. Zombies. The first tagger was infected Saturday night, and since then, 71 more students have fallen.

The campus has an eerie chill. Taggers roam from building to building, searching for students to devour. The sound of Nerf guns and shouting fills the air.

I am still a survivor, but I fear for my life. After a close encounter at lunch today, I have decided that the cafeteria is no longer safe for my kind. I made it to Wilmore's only grocery store this afternoon and stocked up on sandwich provisions, but I will have to venture outside the dorm tomorrow for classes. I can only hope that I will live to blog again.

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