Tuesday, March 13, 2012

SB12 Day 3:

Today was Philadelphia. We did the whole tourist thing--walked around, saw the Liberty Bell, took bajillions of pictures.

And it's cool, you know? In the history of the world, America's history so far has just been a blip. We're not that old as countries go. I think it's hard to put together an essay. How in the heck did a group of colonists put together a country?

They called us "The Great Experiment." And while we certainly can't say we got things right at first--or even that we've got them right now--democracy hasn't completely failed. We have freedom, education, social mobility. So much of who I am, of what I think, of what I hope for in the future exists because of decisions made 200 years ago.

It's cool, you know? And I'm grateful.

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