Sunday, October 30, 2011

Kick off your Sunday shoes.

My college had a dance this weekend.

Yes, that's right. Asbury University had a school-wide dance. For the first time. Ever.

Until last year, dancing was prohibited for Asbury students except during weddings and military functions. The special events committee must have been trying to make up for lost time when they decided the dance a "throwback dance" spanning from the 1960s-90s (when, in fact, Asbury students could not dance).

I feel a little like I've lived through the plot of Footloose (but our administrators are actually really awesome and not mean like this guy).

And while I hate that I couldn't dance for the first two years of college, I wouldn't trade this college experience for anything. At what other school would you have kids get crazy and go all out for a costume dance but still keep their dancing clean and avoid alcohol?

Best of both worlds? I'd say so.

Also, a small part of me wishes legwarmers and pink hair dye could be a part of my everyday wardrobe.

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