Sunday, July 24, 2011

Make Yourself?

When I pulled up Pandora this morning, I found this banner on the right side of my computer screen.
Compelling, isn't it? Makes you wanna go run a marathon or do a thousand push-ups or lift a car above your head. Nike's ad department knows how to write good copy.

But there's something more than a little unsettling about this ad. You are entirely up to you? I hope not.

I’m sure the writer of this ad wasn’t trying to make a theological assertion. I’m sure he or she was just thinking about selling shoes.

But it’s what we say offhand that shows what we really believe.

"But the things that proceed out of the mouth come from the heart..." - Matthew 15:18

And really, what does it mean if I am entirely up to me? If I make my body, make my life, make myself? Does it mean I’m self-reliant, independent? Does it mean I’m happy?

No. If I am entirely up to me, I am entirely alone, entirely without help, entirely without hope. If I am entirely up to me, I am entirely without God.

When it comes down to it, that's a pretty dismal worldview, and it’s a pretty miserable way to live your life. It’s not empowering. It’s debilitating. It’s not inspiring. It’s an absolute deathblow.

We weren’t designed to rely on ourselves. Praise the Lord we don’t have to.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Almost Skirt

Even though previous sewing attempts have landed me in the hospital, I decided to try my hand at skirt making this summer.

Looks decent from the front, right?

Too bad the back zipper's all wonky.

I don't think this is bad for a beginner though, especially since I did it without a pattern or instructions or any real sewing experience.

Next time, I think I'll try something without a zipper. Maybe an elastic skirt? That should be easy. Right?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Crafting with my besties

I got a fun surprise last weekend when the ever-adorable Cassie Dobbs sent me a text to say she was in the area. I headed up to the ol' college town to see her and the other lovelies staying near campus this summer.

I'd been drooling over the pretty DIY flowers on Pinterest, so we decided to spend the evening making fabric flowers for our hair.

I'm still trying to figure out this whole aperture-exposure-ISO thing, so none of my pictures from that night are great.

See, look how blurry Janah is!

But I ended up very happy with my rose! I wore it the very next day.

Love, love, love.