Tuesday, March 8, 2011

In Which I Shamelessly Plug Josh

It was a short entry about this guy:

Back then, I had only just heard of the wonderful musician that is Josh Ritter. I wasn't familiar with his goofy smile or his compelling lyrics. I didn't know that his soulful voice was missing from my life.

In the months since, I've become a much bigger fan of Josh. I'm on the email list. I follow his Twitter feed. I read his blog. I listen to his Pandora station constantly, and the girls on my hall roll their eyes every time I start singing "that song about the devil car."

What I love most about Josh is that he uses words well. His undergraduate major was "American History through Narrative Folk Music." His songs have literary allusions, and he describes his own music as "rock and roll with a lot of words."

You can imagine my excitement when I read that my newfound favorite was writing a book.

At Christmastime, I asked for a pre-order, and I've been counting down the days until I have a copy of Bright's Passage in my hands.

Today I got an e-mail from Josh Ritter with these wonderful words:

Josh's debut novel, Bright's Passage, hits shelves in North America on June 28th. Go here to download the first chapter of the book for free.

Yes, yes, yes! I've downloaded the chapter, and I'm saving it as a reward until I finish my article for the Collegian on water aerobics. I can't get those words written fast enough.

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