Friday, March 25, 2011


The folks at Oxford University Press shocked the world this week when they announced that they're adding a new word to the good ol' OED.

Why all the hullaballoo?

The word is: ♥

That's right. ♥ is the first typographical symbol to be added as a word in the dictionary.

Tweeny-boppers of the world can argue that "I ♥ JBiebs" is now a full sentence.

I'm not sure what I think about it yet. Are we headed down a slippery slope? Are we moving ever more rapidly toward vapid and thoughtless expression?

Or is there something beautiful in the ♥?

There's certainly something expressive and romantic about it.

And the wonderful thing about language is that it's dynamic. It should change as society does.

I for one am hoping that the interrobang is the next piece of punctuation to make it big.

Thanks to Anne for bringing this to my attention.


  1. Interrobang sounds silly. Excliquestionmark sounds more accurate but the idea is terrific. I only have one question, why did you post this at 6:08 am?!

  2. Your speech blew my mind! YOu are excellent!!