Thursday, January 20, 2011

Too Many Candles

According to AP, the word "girl" stopped applying to me two years ago.
As of 6:45 tonight, the word "teenager" can no longer be used either.

I turned twenty.

Can you believe how many candles there were on my cake?

How is this possible?


  1. Jane, I just stumbled on to your blog because you posted it on facebook and it popped up in my news feed. I'm glad I did because I didn't know that you are such a brilliant writer! I really do enjoy your style. Very curt, and to the point, but nearly poetic at the same time.

    Happy birthday and congrats on being 20! I know the feeling. Hard to believe...strange...and terrifying.

    I'll be reading :)

    -Christopher Birnbaum

  2. ugh, I should have looked up 'curt' before I used it. I meant 'short'. I would not say that your writing is blunt or rude. Heh. That was a word I thought I knew better, haha. Well...I know now.